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You’re Beautiful vs. Your Beautiful

You're Beautiful and Your Beautiful Dear Woman, Never forget that you’re beautiful. When the make-up can’t seem to beat your face enough, When the corsets and body wraps can’t shrink your waist enough, Be woman enough to look yourself in the mirror  and say, “This is my body, and I love it [...]

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I Love My Smile Lines and Wrinkles!

The Map of a Life Well-lived I am 51 years old. If you consider that the average life expectancy for a woman in the United States is 78.74 years, I am just about three quarters of the way through my life. Or as my decade-younger-than-me friend frequently reminds me, "Closer to death [...]

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Who Do I Think I Am?

On Flying I'm not gonna lie. Saying yes to getting involved in direct sales took as much courage as jumping out of a plane. Yes, I've done that. And now, I'm doing this. It's not unlike jumping from 10,000 feet. There are a lot of questions. Boy, this is really high. This [...]

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The Voices in Your Head

Nerdbucket Voices Do you hear voices? You know, those little nagging voices in your head that whisper, "You're not beautiful. Look at yourself: you were so much prettier when you were younger." I hear them too, and no, neither one of us are crazy. I have a name for those horrible little [...]

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The Science Behind the System

Sciency Stuff The thing that sets this system apart from any other age management system is the science. The Powerfill (TM) Infusion Patch is patented technology that's been 10 years in the making. No other company has it or anything like it. My Transformational Beauty has developed this technology working with reputable [...]

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My Why

My Why There are two things to know about me. The first is that I believe in the power of women. A strong woman — my mother — reared me to believe I was unique with my own set of talents and gifts that no one else had. I have always known that [...]

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About My Transformational Beauty

About My Transformational Beauty My Transformational Beauty products offers a medical grade anti-aging delivery system that gets right to the heart of wrinkles: hydration! This is like going to a medical spa, but you get to save time and money by doing it at home instead. The secret is the HA youth [...]

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To “About Face” your face is to transform, change, or reverse the direction your face is going. Transformational Beauty is a company that has medical-grade science behind its products to repair and prevent wrinkles and aging effects on your face.

I am Laura Pratt, and I’m excited to share this product with you! I wouldn’t be here if Transformational Beauty wasn’t something I didn’t believe in!

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