About “About Face Me”

Metamorphosis is the Greek word for what a caterpillar does: completely transform from an immature form to a more complete, mature form.

Metanoia is the Greek word for what a human does when changing one’s self. It can be a correction or repentance, or a change or move toward completeness. Ancient armies used it to mean “about face,” or turning yourself 180 degrees to face the opposite direction (which, when you think about it, is what “repentance” is in a theological sense).

“About face!” = An invitation to turn yourself around and go a different direction.

About face(s) = learning about our own faces.

To transform is to change.

To about face your face is to transform, change, or reverse the direction your face is going. Transformational Beauty is a company that has  medical-grade science behind its products to repair and prevent wrinkles and aging effects on your face.

  • Rejuvenate

  • Regenerate

  • Preventative Care

  • Medical grade, in-home care

I am excited to share this product with you! (I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t something I didn’t believe in.)


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Laura Pratt
Laura PrattFounding Consultant
All you need to know about Laura you can find out when you ask her what the “F” stands for as her middle initial.

I am in the beauty industry and it takes a lot to convince me that a product is good. This incredible woman drove from California to South Jordan Utah to do a demo on her product that she is so extremely passionate about. I highly recommend getting on board with this product – it truly is amazing. It’s a very very rare quality that someone would drive state to state to do a demo on a product that truly works.

DANA JENSEN, Beauty Consultant & Hairstylist

Let’s be honest, stress does things to your mind and body that just make things worse! The deep elevens (||) between my eyes of a year or so ago have been reduced to a shallow one (|). When I was feeling really bad over the past year, those eleven lines REALLY bothered me. They added insult to injury and reminded me of what was inevitable. That change in those (well-earned, but not loved) wrinkles has happened over the past 6-8 weeks. I believe in power to choose; and I am willing to own my power and exercise it!

TAUSCHA JOHANSON, My Transformational Beauty User

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