You’re Beautiful vs. Your Beautiful

September 2018

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You’re Beautiful and Your Beautiful

Dear Woman,
Never forget that you’re beautiful.
When the make-up can’t seem to beat your face enough,
When the corsets and body wraps can’t shrink your waist enough,
Be woman enough to look yourself in the mirror 
and say, “This is my body, and I love it just the way it is”
Be your own woman crush,
no matter what day it is.
— Michael E. Reid

How you feel about yourself is everything. It dictates how you feel on any given day, and sometimes even how you treat other people.

Society, or magazines, or culture, or trends – none of those things get to dictate who you are and what kind of beautiful you are. You are beautiful. Period.

Do you believe that? Because I do.

What’s your beautiful? You decide. What I know is, you’re beautiful.


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