Who Do I Think I Am?

September 2018

Who Do I Think I Am?

On Flying I'm not gonna lie. Saying yes to getting involved in direct sales took as much courage as jumping out of a plane. Yes, I've done [...]

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On Flying

I’m not gonna lie. Saying yes to getting involved in direct sales took as much courage as jumping out of a plane. Yes, I’ve done that. And now, I’m doing this. It’s not unlike jumping from 10,000 feet. There are a lot of questions. Boy, this is really high. This is a new experience. I don’t know what to expect. Am I doing the right thing? What if the parachute doesn’t open? What if the person I’m strapped to passes out? What if I pass out? What if the landing is hard? What if I fail???

I actually have jumped out of an airplane. It is an exhilarating feeling, and incomparable to any other experience. If I had let my fears hold me back, I would never know what it feels like to fly.

Getting ready to undertake this new (ad)venture, I had some fears. Not of physical pain, but emotional. I live in a city that thrives on appearances. You might even say that the primary industry here is beauty, or at least that beauty and physical appearances are the main currency. In Los Angeles, people are fixated on their looks. Youth is prized above all else, or at least a youthful appearance. It’s not a cliche to say that your good looking waiter is an actor-in-waiting. It’s a regular occurrence to hear aspiring writers talking about their latest screenplay idea at the table behind you. All of those jokes that Hollywood makes about itself are funny because they’re true.

So who do I think I am, a middle-aged, overweight woman, to start selling a beauty product in the self-proclaimed beauty capital of the world? That’s the question I asked myself before saying “yes” to this opportunity. And I almost let the fears of what other people would think of me stop me.

But you can’t go through life second-guessing yourself based on non-existent perceptions of other people. What matters most is your own happiness based on hard work, progress, and growth, not the judgments of other people.

If you let a silly thing like fear stand in your way, you’ll never know what it’s like to fly.
Who do I think I am? I am Laura “Freaking” Pratt, and I live life boldly, in my way.  I’m ready to take a leap and soar.

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