About My Transformational Beauty

September 2018

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About My Transformational Beauty

My Transformational Beauty products offers a medical grade anti-aging delivery system that gets right to the heart of wrinkles: hydration! This is like going to a medical spa, but you get to save time and money by doing it at home instead.

The secret is the HA youth serum that enhances the results of the infusion patch delivery system, and extends the effects. This serum contains proprietary peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and ceramides. The molecules attract and holds 300x their weight in water, which is how it can plump the skin and reduce wrinkles.

The company’s practice is to base everything in science. They develop their own products and do their own research. Many other skincare companies that tout results and charge lots of money for those results are actually buying their products from the same suppliers! They do not do their own research, and therefore cannot make their own advancements.

MTB is different in that they drive innovation through their own proven scientific research, which forms the foundation of leading the industry in exceptional skincare.

MTB’s business strategy goes way beyond providing remarkable products. Their main purpose is to make an enduring difference in people’s lives. This means changes from the outside in, as well as unique business opportunities of your own to get into business. Because these products are not available in retail outlets, direct sales is the unique method of placing the product directly into consumers’ hands, or on their faces, rather. Their good science allows the product to flourish on its own, to the benefit of the consumer.

Rejuvenate. Refresh. Prevent. Turn back time.

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To “About Face” your face is to transform, change, or reverse the direction your face is going. Transformational Beauty is a company that has medical-grade science behind its products to repair and prevent wrinkles and aging effects on your face.

I am Laura Pratt, and I’m excited to share this product with you! I wouldn’t be here if Transformational Beauty wasn’t something I didn’t believe in!

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